How to upgrade various components of your Drupal site.

Your Drupal install includes a status report feature (http://www.example.comt/admin/logs/status that let's you know if your core install of Drupal has any updates available.

We highly recommend using the Update Status module for monitoring whether your currently installed modules are up-to-date (as well as Drupal itself). It can email you notifications if new releases are available.

The Backup and Migrate module is also very useful for performing the database backups that ought to be performed during the updating process.

If you use Subversion to manage your website revisions, the update process can be slightly more complicated as you should use svn's special commands for moving, deleting and adding files or directories.

Drupal.org has lots of documentation on upgrading your Drupal install. Also, read the install.txt included with Drupal.

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