Binary Logs

The MySQL binary log contains all statements that update data along with statements that potentially could have updated it. They are used to recover a database, and required if you want to replicate it. However, when the database changes frequently, they build up and can consume a lot of disk space.

Don't just delete the binary log files in /usr/local/mysql/var! Doing so really screws up MySQL!
Automatically purging binary logs
Edit /etc/my.cnf and add/edit a expire_logs_days variable. For example, to purge logs older than 30 days:


Purge existing binary logs
Look in /usr/local/mysql/var and to check the name of the oldest binary log file you want to keep

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p
purge master logs to 'mysql-bin.010';

Completely disable binary logging
Edit /etc/my.cnf


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