Performance Tuning

Disable automatic maintenance
In the Maintenance Settings, disable, disable Automatically perform maintenance during delivery if scheduled maintenance is not set up and enable maintenance as a cron task:

cd /etc/cron.d
echo '0 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/php -f /var/websites/' > openx-maintenance
chmod 644 openx-maintenance
touch /etc/crontab

There's a variety of other ways to configure the cron task.
Disable debug logging
Uncheck the checkbox on

Store Images in a Directory, not the Database
Rather than having the ad files stored within the databse, create a directory to hold them:

cd /var/websites/
mkdir ads
chown nobody:nobody ads

In Configuration -> Global Settings -> Banner Storage Settings, enable Allow Webserver Local Banners.
For the storing method, choose Local Directory and specify the Local Directory:


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