Roundcube LDAP Addressbook

Roundcube Configuration for Global Addressbook
Edit config/ to include an LDAP address book section:

$config['ldap_public']['ldap'] = array(
  'name'          => 'Global Addresses',
  'hosts'         => array(''),
  'port'          => 389,
  'use_tls'       => false,
  'ldap_version'  => 3,       // using LDAPv3
  'network_timeout' => 10,    // The timeout (in seconds) for connect + bind arrempts. This is only supported in PHP >= 5.3.0 with OpenLDAP 2.x
  'user_specific' => false,   // If true the base_dn, bind_dn and bind_pass default to the user's IMAP login.
  'base_dn'       => 'ou=staff,dc=domain,dc=com',
  'search_filter'  => '',   // e.g. '(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=%u))'
  'fieldmap' => array(
    // Roundcube  => LDAP:limit
    'name'        => 'cn',
    'surname'     => 'sn',
    'firstname'   => 'givenName',
    'jobtitle'    => 'title',
    'email'       => 'mail:*',
    'phone:home'  => 'homePhone',
    'phone:work'  => 'telephoneNumber',
    'phone:mobile' => 'mobile',
    'phone:pager' => 'pager',
    'phone:workfax' => 'facsimileTelephoneNumber',
    'street'      => 'street',
    'zipcode'     => 'postalCode',
    'region'      => 'st',
    'locality'    => 'l',
    // if you country is a complex object, you need to configure 'sub_fields' below
    'country'      => 'c',
    'organization' => 'o',
    'department'   => 'ou',
    'jobtitle'     => 'title',
    'notes'        => 'description',
    'photo'        => 'jpegPhoto',
    // these currently don't work:
    // 'manager'       => 'manager',
    // 'assistant'     => 'secretary',
  'sort'           => 'cn',         // The field to sort the listing by.
  'scope'          => 'sub',        // search mode: sub|base|list
  'filter'         => '(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)',      // used for basic listing (if not empty) and will be &'d with search queries. example: status=act
  'fuzzy_search'   => true,         // server allows wildcard search
  'vlv'            => false,        // Enable Virtual List View to more efficiently fetch paginated data (if server supports it)
  'vlv_search'     => false,        // Use Virtual List View functions for autocompletion searches (if server supports it)
  'numsub_filter'  => '(objectClass=organizationalUnit)',   // with VLV, we also use numSubOrdinates to query the total number of records. Set this filter to get all numSubOrdinates attributes for counting
  'config_root_dn' => 'cn=config',  // Root DN to search config entries (e.g. vlv indexes)
  'sizelimit'      => '0',          // Enables you to limit the count of entries fetched. Setting this to 0 means no limit.
  'timelimit'      => '0',          // Sets the number of seconds how long is spend on the search. Setting this to 0 means no limit.
  'referrals'      => false,        // Sets the LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS option. Mostly used in multi-domain Active Directory setups
  'dereference'    => 0,            // Sets the LDAP_OPT_DEREF option. One of: LDAP_DEREF_NEVER, LDAP_DEREF_SEARCHING, LDAP_DEREF_FINDING, LDAP_DEREF_ALWAYS
                                    // Used where addressbook contains aliases to objects elsewhere in the LDAP tree.

To search that address book when composing messages:

// An ordered array of the ids of the addressbooks that should be searched
// when populating address autocomplete fields server-side. ex: array('sql','Verisign');
$config['autocomplete_addressbooks'] = array('sql','ldap');


Various bits of code, scripts, and procedures were put together with information from John Simpson's website. It's an excellent resource on managing and setting up a Qmail server.

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