Capturing Web Pages

Options for automating the capture of a screen shot of a web page.

Paparazzi! is an OS X application for capturing screenshots of web pages. It is AppleScriptable to automate the capture of a page:

tell application "Paparazzi!"
  capture ""
  repeat while busy
    delay 1
  end repeat
  save in POSIX file "/Users/foo/Desktop/google.png" as PNG with icon
end tell



AppleScript Date Calculations

Calculations for determining the week of the year in AppleScript.

Taken from Dates & Times in AppleScripts

The following AppleScript subroutine can be used to help calculate the week of the year. It returns the number of weeks that have elapsed since date "1/1/0001":

on getDatesWeekNum(theDate)
set {dDate, dDateNum} to {"1/1/1000", 364878}
return ((theDate - (date dDate)) div days + dDateNum) div 7 + 1
end getDatesWeekNum


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