Roundcube Calendar Plugin

Download the latest version of the plugin:

cd /extra/src
unzip -d myroundcubeplugins

Move it into your Roundcube plugin directory:


Darwin Calendar and Contact Server
Firewall Ports
Calendar Server:

  • 8008
  • 8443 (https)


  • 8800
  • 8843 (https)

Use a CentOS 6.x system - OpenSSL on 5.x was not supported:
PyOpenSSl requires a higher version of OpenSSL than the one that comes with CentOS (0.9.8e). upgrading doesn't seem like the worthwhile approach.


Calendar Server

My attempts at creating a CalDAV and CardDAV capable Calendar Server for sharing calendars and addressbooks between multiple computers and mobile devices. While I predominantly use Apple hardware, iCloud isn't quite the perfect solution as I work on a variety of different Mac OS X versions that don't support it.

There are a variety of options for a Calendar Server:

  • Calendar and Contacts Server -aka Darwin Calendar Server, is the open source version of the CalDAV and CardDAV servers that Apple includes with Mac OS X Server. It can be enabled on the Snow Leopard and Lion versions of OS X, and has also been ported to FreeBSD and Linux.


Open Source CalDAV and CardDAV Servers

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