Feeds Tamper

Feeds Tamper provides a small plugin architecture for Feeds to modify data before it gets saved. Several plugins are available by default and are described in the examples section below. Additional plugins can be added in separate modules or through the issue queue.


Varnishing Polls

Accepting votes from anonymous users on Drupal polls is complicated when you use caching. By using Edge Side Includes (ESI), you can dynamically load some parts of a Drupal page while caching the rest of it. The addition of the Poll Enhancements module allows multiple anonymous users to vote on polls by using cookies to track who has voted.

Edge Side Includes integration
The ESI module includes two Varnish VCL files (located in the docs directory of the module:

  • docs/esi_blocks.vcl - custom sub-routines to handle ESI-block integration.
    Copy this file to the Varnish config directory, /usr/local/etc/varnish/

Varnish Module

The Varnish HTTP Accelerator Integration module provides integration between your Drupal site and Varnish. This module provides admin-socket integration which allows Drupal to dynamically invalidate cache entries, and also lets you query the Varnish admin interface for status, etc.


  • PHP must be compiled with --enable-sockets
  • Edit /service/varnish/run and add -T to start the admin interface on the default module port.



Accelerate your Drupal/Pressflow site using Varnish

The primary reason for switching to Pressflow is to use an HTTP accelerator such as Varnish
Apache Configuration
Adjust your Apache configuration to server the Drupal site on port 8080. Edit your Apache conf file and add:

Listen 8080
NameVirtualHost *:8080

Restart Apache and make sure you can access your site on that port.

Varnish Configuration


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