My preferred Linux operating system is CentOS, a derivative of the commercial RedHat Enterprise Linux. It gives a RedHat-style distro with stability and an active support community. CentOS is a much better choice for a server than a bleeding edge distro such as Fedora.

A nice distro to use for a server is CentOS. It's built upon Redhat Enterprise Linux so it provides a "Redhat" style distro while being stable and well-tested. A more "cutting-edge" distro such as Ubuntu or Fedora isn't stable enough for practical use as a server – too many updates being regularly pushed out.

Post Install

Once you have your base installation done, have rebooted the computer and logged in, use the YUM package manager to update the currently installed packages:

yum -y update

A CentOS 7 "minimal" install was missing useful stuff:

yum install openssh-clients wget mlocate patch rsync bind-utils man net-tools psmisc epel-release

Perl-CPAN setup:

yum install perl-CPAN perl-YAML perl-Sys-Syslog
perl -MCPAN -e shell
install CPAN

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