Qmailadmin Plugin

Qmailadmin plugin for Roundcube adds tabs to the Roundcube settings page, allowing the user to set their vacation message or change their password. Behind the scenes, it logs in to qmailadmin as that user to make the changes. Both vacation and password tabs can be individually disabled.

cd /extra/src
wget http://www.davidc.net/sites/default/files/qmailadmin-1.0.1.zip
unzip qmailadmin-1.0.1
mv qmailadmin /var/websites/mail/htdocs/roundcube/plugins/
chown -R nobody:nobody /var/websites/mail/htdocs/roundcube/plugins/qmailadmin

Add qmailadmin to $rcmail_config['plugins'] in /var/websites/mail/htdocs/roundcube/config/main.inc.php:

$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('managesieve',"qmailadmin');


Various bits of code, scripts, and procedures were put together with information from John Simpson's qmail.jms1.net website. It's an excellent resource on managing and setting up a Qmail server.

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