Automatically tagging content

Comparison of Automatic Tagging Tools for Drupal.

  • Alchemy
    AlchemyAPI provides content owners and web developers with a rich suite of content analysis and meta-data annotation tools.
  • OpenCalais
    Calais is a rapidly growing toolkit of capabilities that allow you to readily incorporate state-of-the-art semantic functionality within your blog, content management system, website or application.

960 Grid System

The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels.

960 Grid System

Tutorials on 960 and Grid-Based Design


Load testing a (Drupal) web site

Spotlight Indexing

Shell commands to control Spotlight indexing on volumes.

  • To only turn off indexing on a volume:

Login Hooks

How to execute scripts when a user logs into, or out of, an OS X workstation.

Apple tech note article
Scripting Login Tasks in OS X

Create a hook:

sudo defaults write LoginHook /path/to/script

See what the login hook is set to:

sudo defaults read LoginHook


Snow Leopard Deployment Issues

Collection of assorted issues that came up deploying some OS 10.6 "Snow Leopard" iMacs.

  • Adobe Acrobat Crashes on OS X With Network Account - an alternative way of achieving this solution, since we have OS X Server, was to use MCX to automatically redirect the folders for network users:
    Action - deleteAndCreateSymblink
    Destination Folder Path - /Users/Shared/9.0_x86/
    Folder Path: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/9.0_x86



OS X flags for further controlling what can be done with folders and files.

  • arch - "archived flag"
  • opaque - "opaque flag"
  • nodump - "nodump flag"
  • sappnd - "system append-only flag"
  • schg - "system immutable flag"
  • uappnd - "user append-only flag"
  • uchg - "user immutable flag"

Lock a file from being moved, renamed or deleted:


OS X Font Management

Notes on handling fonts in OS X, particularly 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Font Management in OS X - lots of tips on managing fonts in various versions of OS X, and what to do about Apple's versions of Helvetica, etc.

How to Clear the Font Cache

Undoing Font Book - how to reset Font Book's cache.



Linux rootkit scanners.


DHCP Failover


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