A web ad that sits in the top right corner of a web site. When the user mouses over, the ad "peels" down and appears underneath. PageEar is a free version of one of these ads.

There are two versions of PageEar - 2.x and 1.x. The 2.x version has an administration interface that requires MySQL and can be used for hosting multiple banners. For our purposes, the 1.x version was entirely adequate as we want to "integrate" it with OpenX.
Version 1.x Installation
Note: "out-of-the-box", PageEar 1.x can just be stuck on your web server and will function with it's include sample images. The following instructions are the basics of installing it and basic customization of the images and the destination URL:

  1. Download the program.
  2. Unzip the program archive.
  3. Create two images with size of 100×100 pixel and 500×500 pixel in jpg format. The right top of the pictures (diagonal from the upper left corner to the right lower corner) is visible in your pagepeel. As example use or modifiy the provided images pageear_b.jpg and pageear_s.jpg.
  4. Edit the file files/pageear.js with a text editor. Change the urls to the swf files and the jpg images (pageear_b.swf and pageear_s.swf)
  5. Upload the pageear folder to your web server.
  6. Include pageear.js and AC_OETags.js in your pagehead. Put the writeObjects() javascript function at the end in your body-Area. For an example check the index.html file.

OpenX integration

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