Pressflow is a distribution of Drupal with integrated performance, scalability, availability, and testing enhancements. It can integrate with a web proxy such as Varnish

Add Pressflow base to your Drupal SVN repo
Assuming you have your Drupal repo checked out in /tmp/drupal, create a base folder for Pressflow:

cd /tmp/drupal
svnmkdir pressflow
svn commit -m "Pressflow folder added."

Add/Upgrade the current version of Pressflow to your Drupal repo
Then download the current version of Pressflow and load it into the repo:

cd /tmp
tar zxf pressflow-6.20.97.tar.gz
rm -f pressflow-6.20.97.tar.gz file:///var/svn/drupal/pressflow current /tmp/pressflow-6.20.97 -t pressflow-6.20.97

Switch your Drupal site to Pressflow
Pressflow is a drop-in replacement for Drupal 6.x:

cd /var/websites/projectname/htdocs
svn export http://<your_svn_server>/svn/drupal/pressflow/current pressflow-6.20.97

The rest of the configuration is basically the same as for upgrading Drupal core.

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